Once you’ve went through the process of creating quality content for your Instagram. You will want to ensure the photos that you just created are shared in high quality format so that your audience is engaged and your loved ones will admire. In this post, we will show you exactly how to get the most out of those photos posted onto your Instagram.

To ensure your photos are high quality and not mediocre, you’re going to want to follow the steps below to turn on the option of Upload at highest quality. While this may not make a huge difference, it can still be helpful to do this.

The reason this is off, is because Instagram will compress your images and videos to reduce the space used on their servers to help with increasing the delivery speed of content to your phone using a method called caching. Its important to note that doing this will use more data on your phone when uploading your media, so you should be connected to a wireless network if possible beforehand.

How to Enable High Quality Uploads in Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram app

Step 2: Click on the Hamburger menu, this will open up Settings and activity

Step 3: Scroll down to Media Quality

Step 4: Toggle the Upload at highest quality button

Your photos will now upload at a higher quality than they would if you had this option off. We recommend to turn this option on if you are preparing to upload your photos after a Photoshoot to ensure that you get the best pixels.

The settings for Android users are the same, except for Media Quality is replaced with the text Data usage and media quality. From inside this page, you can toggle the Upload at highest quality button.

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